Tuesday, September 4, 2012

CATHOLIC VIDEO WEEK: Video #3 - "Those Who Never Were"

A beautiful, yet heartbreaking, video that serves as a tribute to the forgotten angels lost to this world through murder in the womb.  The song is not saying that aborted children "never existed or don't exist at all, but rather that their destinies 'never were' (as in lost or forfeit) in this life as we know it" (video comment).  They were never able to fulfill the great purpose that God set before them.  Each individual is unique; there will never be one person exactly like another.  And each of these lives is beautiful.

Life is Beautiful. ♥


Pax vobiscum,
The Little Rose

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  1. Beautiful song about the babies who were not allowed to be born. A tragedy of our time. We will surely be judged for not defending the defenseless.